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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's and the Single Lady

Ah Valentine' Day, probably the one day of the year that most singles hate. The big red fluffy heart punch in the face that says you are single and alone. The day for romantics to shine and those who aren't romantic to give it a try.

But why does it have to be this way. Sure it's nice to have a someone to spend this day with. Someone to bring you a special gift or to give a special gift too, but like I said why. I know that this is generally a day for couples, but it is also a day for love and there is more out there to love and to be loved by then just being a couple.

I have been single my whole life never married and have never really been in a relationship for this day and I still love this day. Why you may (or may not) ask, because I still have fun with this day.

Here are a few things that my sisters, mom and I like to do on this day of love.

1. We always give each other a Valentine's cards and usually a gift. Sometimes it's big sometimes it;s just a small token, but we always give something.

2. A lot of the times we go out to dinner or make a special meal at home.

Ok, I know these are sounding a lot like what you would do as a couple, but that's my point, you don't have to be a couple to enjoy this day.

3. We watch chick flicks.

 We really like to watch movies that are themed to different things. Like some days we may be in a super hero mood and we'll watch Fantastic Four, Captain America, and The Avengers. Which also makes a great Chris Evans theme night. But with Valentine's Day pretty much any chick flick movie will do, but you can theme it.

You can do a Valentine's day Theme and watch Valentine's Day or Lake House. I'm sure there are a lot more out there but my mind has gone blank. If you can think of any more let me know.

You can watch something with a wedding theme, or a good looking guy theme like with Chris Evans or Gerard Butler or anyone who gets your heart thumping. These two are a couple I like. You can even go the I hate Valentine's Day Route and watch something like Fatal Attraction or My Bloody Valentine (Not for my, Yuk). The point is just enjoy yourself.

4. We've gone to get our nails done.

We want to feel pretty and special and what a great way then to relax and have a Mani Pedi.

5. We've gone somewhere interesting. If this day is on the weekend we sometimes do things that are not your everyday activity. Go to the Zoo or the Museum or walk through an botanical garden or arboretum.

I did all these things with my family, but you can get some friends together and have a girls, Valentine's, day out. or you can do these things by your self. I use to treat myself to a nice dinner by myself when I was in college and when I was both in high school and college I would buy myself a flower and a card. Some people might think that's sad and pathetic but it made me feel good and happy and isn't that the whole point to make someone happy and feel loved. than why can't we do it for ourselves.

 Sure it's nice to have that other person to make us feel special, and if you have someone that's great love them and treasure them always and make sure you let them know how much you care, but it says so much more if you have someone but you don't need someone one to make you feel that way and if you don't have someone you are ok with out them because you love you. 
Floating hearts Wallpaper
Sorry this has been long. This is all I'm going to say on the subject except, until next time; if you have a special someone or not go out and have fun and make it a day to remember. 

 Oh and Happy Valentine's Day.