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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Issues turn to Fun and Birthdays

Double dose of me today.

So the the other day I was telling you I was having some issues. 1 - the lap top had a virus. 2 - my cousin and her boys were in town and 3 - I didn't know what to talk about. And I guess 4 - I always tend to talk about myself.

Well the lap top finally got fixed,  my cousin and boys have gone home and I finally have something to really talk about, but I'm sorry this post is going to be all about me. Well, me and my family. Ok probably mainly me. I can't help it, it was my birthday a few days ago.

First off I have to talk about my cousin and her boys being here. I was really worried that the boys wouldn't really want anything to do with me because they were 16 and I haven't seen them for so long, but the truth is they were really happy and responsive to see me which totally made my week. They have gotten so big, but it just seems like yesterday I was helping my cousin take care of them and acting as a second mom.

We had so much fun while they were here. Really, we didn't do a whole lot, but it seemed like we did tons.

First we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards.

This horse may be a little small for him.

Don't I look Hot?

The boys as they are about to enter the Stockyard Maze.

If you ever get a chance to visit the stockyards and you have tried it yet go to Risky's Barbecue and have the all you can eat ribs. Here's a little tip. It seems like every time we go the first ones we get are burnt and dry but then when we order the next serving of ribs they get meaty and good. So always order at least another plate full.

Then we went to the Perot Museum. There is so much to do and interact with that again fun times.

Perot Museum, Dallas, Tx
Sister Danielle with leap frogs in front of the museum.
The boys about to race and try to beat a cheetah.

To the right is me moving around. to the left is a reflection of me showing on small wooden tiles.
Every one standing on earthquake simulator. Shake shake shake.

And finally Tuesday was my birthday and we decided to go to Dave and Busters to eat and play.

What is Dave and Busters you may ask, well like one of the boys described it as, Chuck-E-Cheese for adults. Imagine a place where you can eat and drink and are able to have fun playing video games just like you did as a kid, but you have a more adult atmosphere. Don't worry it's still a pretty kid friendly place. But because alcohol is served kids do need to be accompanied by an adult.

Boys  playing basket ball.

Mom trying to get a stuff animal from the giant claw machine.

Basket ball again

Did y'all have fun?

What a fun group
It was such a great birthday. Last year my mom just got out of the hospital on my birthday so we didn't do anything til a couple of weeks later. This year again my mom just got out, but she was much better off. My cousin and her boys were here and people at work made it special for me by decorating my desk and giving me gifts like flowers and diet Coke. My sisters always make it great for me.


Sorry this was long today I just really wanted to get this out. I had such a great week and felt so blessed that I want to share. Well until next time; Have a very happy week and smile someone may need to see it.