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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day One, Not as Positive as I Would Have Hoped

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.

I know I said I would start writing yesterday, August 1st, the first day of my month long power of positivity, but ironically the forces of negativity were ready to try and stop my goal. 

I woke yesterday morning with a migraine and sick to my stomach, so I ended up staying home from work and not doing a whole lot most of the day. After making my mom and I lunch I basically vegged on the couch watching the Hallmark channel the rest of the day.

I have to admit I am a sucker for those Hallmark shows. They usually are pretty corny and predictable and a lot of the acting is bad, but they're clean and they usually have a good message and 95% of the time they have a happy ending.

It just so happened that one of the shows we watched talked about you have to think positive if you want to get what you want. However they were talking about winning some vacation spot guest games tournament, but you get the idea.

Later, since I wasn't feeling great and either was my sister Jen and neither of us knew what to have for dinner and didn't want to cook my sister Danielle had the idea to go out to dinner. I said ok since I was hungry. I grabbed my pills and off we went to a Chinese restaurant. Well at the end of the meal we got our little fortune cookie and mine just happen to say, "You can fix it with a little extra energy and a positive attitude." Which is doubly ironic, because when we got home our AC went out and it's the beginning of the hottest month of the year. I have to admit it make me laugh. Maybe what I am manifesting is a brand new AC, I'm not sure, but you never know.

So my first day has been rough, but this month is a journey, and a day by day experience. So like Scarlet O'Hera said in Gone with the Wind, "after all tomorrow is another day." so until tomorrow, focus on the positive and remember; only you can make up your mind and do it.