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Monday, December 26, 2016

A Joyful Christmas in the Most Unlikely Place


Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.

How was everyone's Christmas did you have a great one this year was it Joyful and all it was suppose to be. We had a really great one as well, despite the fact that my mom ended up in the hospital again. A little to much holiday cheer I guess. Friday before Christmas she started having a hard time breathing so we took her into the emergency room and it turns out she had to much fluid in her lungs so they kept her for a few nights and she finally got released Christmas night. So my sisters and I implemented operation Christmas and decorated her room and had Christmas there.

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Christmas Day
It turned out to be so much better then we could have hoped for. Luckily she wasn't so bad off that this story would have been a totally different out come. 

One this that made it so nice was the room didn't just help brighten up my mom's Christmas it also brighten up some hard working men and women who work through the holidays to help us be healthy and help get us better so that person who are in the hospital will get better soon, as we shared the Christmas spirit with them. Every time they came into the room they said it made them feel so good and peaceful. Their faces would literally light up. 

So even though it wasn't a typical Christmas it will be one that we will remember always. And the spirit that we shared will also be remembered always as well. 

Well thank you for stopping by, I hope your Christmas was filled with Joyful memories to keep with you always. And remember; only you can make up your mind and do it.